onsdag den 30. januar 2013

My biggest fear, I've discovered, is rejection. It's the thing I worry most about, and what gets me down to my lowest...
It's just horrible when people are constantly testing that fear.. So tired of it all..

lørdag den 26. januar 2013

A "fun" english assignment....

Hey yo! :)

 First off,a special hello to those people who've only recently found my blog, and told me that you've stumbled upon it. I've got an English assignment this weekend to do an assignment of "who owns what media"..so basically what happened was that my friend and I decided to pick Cartoon Network as our topic...and lets say I got a bit carried away, and started to watch old episodes again.. 

I've spent the last few hours going through these songs...(don't even get me started on disney- that deserves a whole other post!!) ..anyways, like we all know most likely now, everything on cartoon network now is crap. #sorrynotsorry. no but in all honesty, there's like 3 shows on that channel now - Ben 10 omniverse,the amazing world of gumball (WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK??), and adventure time. Although, the last one is pretty awesome, I gotta say.. 

 I actually just did about 5 minutes worth of research on this..and apparently there's more than 3 shows on Cartoon Network now.... there's like 16...and out of those 8 arent actually animated cartoons, they're either 3D lego figures, or like crappy disney channel style ones with real people in it... AND ANNOYING ORANGE IS NOW SHOWN ON CARTOON NETWORK!. I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHAT TO SAY! ANNOYING ORANGE! LEGITIMATELY THE ANNOYING ORANGE.....WHAT HAS THIS WORLD COME TO...-.- I'm hoping that most of the people reading my blog, are around my age, so you recognize these songs and have a good time re-living your childhood :) 

 happy re-living :)
 - Mimi xx

The good old days with this one. Definitely one of my favourite shows. I would love DeeDee!


I remember this theme song so clearly

This one's really short, but it's the lion part at the beginning. The lion was the symbol, that it was time for Tom and Jerry. 

Ed, Ed and Eddy wasn't particularly one of my favourites, but I did still watch it, and I quite like the theme song, so why not add it in.

I used to think Number 5 was such a bad-ass. I wanted to be her so much!

and last but not least - Scooby dooby doo!