søndag den 27. maj 2012

Post mashup

Hi beautiful readers :)

Sorrysorrysorry! Had a super busy week, so I wasn't able to write in here, but I have updates and Top 3 of the week ready for this post.

Overall this week has been a good one. The weather's been gorgeous! Sunny and around 25 degrees. On days like these you forget you're living in Denmark :p. This week has also been filled with exams, so it's been tiring but on Tuesday i have 2 papers and then I'm pretty much done (just missing 1 bio paper after that which is in mid june) , but that's a while away so I can relax before that.
This weekend has also been quite busy. Friday went out shopping with some of the girls in town after school. I got a few new summer stuff. I'll post pictures in the next blog entry. Saturday we had a little surprise birthday party for Sonia and Olga at the Meiner household. It was great, we smashed it! The looks on their faces when we jumped out and said surprise.. haha classic! Pictures from there will be posted too. Soon as I can :)

Now Top 3 of the week:
According to Itunes my Top 3 of the week have all been One Direction songs. Yeah, that sounds about right, so this week you get 1D songs. I'll try to vary what I listen to a bit more next week :P

Lots of love,
Mimi . x

One Direction - Gotta Be You

One Direction - I wish

One Direction - Forever Young (cover)

onsdag den 23. maj 2012

I want these.. So bad!
These are by Christian Loubotin from the fairly new collection. I'm in loooove!


fredag den 18. maj 2012

You're a dime and 99 cents

Heyy lovely readers,
not so much as happened this week, Still have all those horrible exams going on...i think we're like half way done now..
anyways, right now I am at work babysitting, so i am sitting in the living room watching british sky tv! hehehe the perks of babysitting in a british family ;) watching 'got to dance', it's an episode I've already watched on the computer at home, but now I get to watch it again. The girls are asleep, so now I just get to chill until the parents come home. It's been a long weekend this weekend, we've had thursday and friday off too because it's a public holiday - not that it really matters to me, since I don't go to school anymore, and I had to go into school anyways for an exam today :P

Top 3 of the week : (not in any specific order)
1.Chipmunk ft. Chris Brown - Champion
2. Mario - Let me love you
3. Fun - We Are Young


I was feeling in the RnB mood this week I guess, rediscovered this song. I used to love it a while ago, the part before the chorus is still really great in my opinion :) Love ya breezy! xx

I also rediscovered Mario. Hahah I used to listen to a few of his songs like years ago. I rediscovered this song through Zayn Malik's audition, he auditioned on the x-factor with this song. :P I'm not the biggest fan of the video of this song (cue the haters) but the vocals are great.

This song is at the top of the charts in many countries this week, including the UK, the USA, Denmark , Sweden, Australia and New Zealand. It's tune! x

mandag den 14. maj 2012

One Piece

Hi guys! :)

It finally arrived..! My onepiece jump in! :D ahhh, I've been waiting to have one for soo long:) this just made my day!


Just me messing around with my new onepiece!

fredag den 11. maj 2012

Top 3 of the Week, Tweet from Danielle Peazer

Hi Guys :)
So today I will post the first top 3 of the week, but first a little update. I tweeted Danielle Peazer the other day and she replied!!! for those of you who don't know Danielle, she's a wonderfully talented and beautiful dancer and also the current girlfriend of Liam Payne from One Direction. We directioners love her. She's a wonderful inspiration especially to me, because of my love for dance. So I was friggin happy! xx and then I gained like 100 followers within the next 10 minutes on twitter :p hahah! thankyou if any of you followed me(:

Top 3 of the Week...*dun dun duuuun* (not in any specific order)

1. Ed Sheeran - Small Bump.
2. One Direction - More than this.
3. Culture Club - Karma Chameleon.

The lyrics and the music on this song is amazing! I love love love it. Ed ,just yesterday, released a video for it. the video is very simple, and some people say it's quite dull, but the way I see it, it just puts more focus on his beautiful voice and the words of the song. Enjoy! x

Just yesteday evening, the video for this song was released.  We all expected a proper music video, and not clips of them performing live, but they're still wonderful no matter what. They're voices, their solos, ahhh everything! I'm in love! <3 

Hahaha this one's just a funny one I put in because I've had it stuck in my head since yesterday!

tirsdag den 8. maj 2012

Examined, Hidden and Kept In Quarantine..

Heyy Readers :)

Like the title? Dramatic huh? :b but today was oh so dramatic so it's all good. Major credits to my friend Tiiu for the title. She was nice enough to come up with the title while I was having a mental blockage. She's super, Tiiu, I just love to talk to her because she always somehow, by reasons still unknown to me even after being friends with her for 10 years, manages to make me feel generally happier. Actually, I was just telling her the other day how she makes people happy, she probably just took it as an average compliment, I don't really think she understood the genuine thankfulness and love behind it all.And I have serious doubts that she'll be reading this, but I know how much she means, and I guess that's good enough.. She's one of those people who once you get to know, you know that you'll never ever forget them, and not because of something negative, but just because your memories with them are happy ones that you want to remember. I don't know what I'm going to do without her and Kaiu in my class next year, not seeing them as regularly as before..My horoscope today actually says my compatibility is best with Aries today, which they both are, so maybe that's why these feelings are evident :P..no, I just .I guess I'm really gonna miss them next year. I'm going to miss everyone really, not seeing the same group of people at school everyday like you've been doing for the past few years. Yes, ofcourse I'll get to meet new people in a whole new environment and I'll still have a few from the class with me, which I'm really happy about..it's still pretty scary thinking about not going into a classroom where you have the comfort of people you've known since you were 5 or 6, who you know so well, and who you feel good around. hahahha, I've completely gone off on a tangent here..sorry guys, back to today's story! xx

So basically, today I went into school at 9 for one of my french papers. Since it was a test, we naturally didnt have our phones or bags or anything on us at all. After the paper, we were told to leave all our stuff and go up to the library. Here Mr. Barker told us that they had scheduled the french paper incorrectly, and so now we would have to wait locked up in the library with literally no access to the outside world - ie, no phones, computers anything until 3, because they had to be careful that none of the answers on the paper were leaked to other countries who would be taking the same paper as us a few hours later. It was extreme, we all sat in the library with absolutely nothing to do, a few text books, paper, pen and later on a few board games :P it was so extreme that we even had to be escorted to the bathroom by a supervisor. Like what the hell?! It was so stupid... None of us had lunch, because we all had expected to leave right after the exam, so the school ordered pizza for us. Hahahah, and we weren't even allowed to contact home from our own phones in case the answers accidentally slipped out..-.-' So we were locked up in the library supervised by teachers for about 4 hours, with not much to do. We finally got let off around 3. Came home and slept until about 7. I don't know why, but sitting around doing nothing had made me extremely tired :P woke up, chilled for a bit, had dinner, studied history for about an hour, and now imma head off to bed.

I'm not going into school tomorrow because I have no papers, so will be home nerding history for all of it. oh the joys!

Goodnight peeps!

mandag den 7. maj 2012

Shot me outta the sky.....

Hi readers :)

Today's gone by like crazy. Woke up around 10, but by the time I was done with breakfast it was alreadt almost 11.30. Studied for a bit, and then later on went into school for history lesson. Came home, went for a run, took a shower, had dinner, studied a tiny bit for my french exam tomorrow, blogging a bit right now, and then im off to bed! x

Any intersting plans for the week? Lemme know! (; I'm the only one who'll see it anyways, so keep on going with all your comments.

I think I've already found one of the songs for top three of the week- but I can't tell you guys..because it's TOP SECRET. ;)

hugs from here :)

søndag den 6. maj 2012

Hiyaa :)

Exams start in 2 days - eeek!
Not done very much today- just been in bed until now, and it's almost 14.00. Sat in bed and watched a few videos and just wasted time really :p.Today is also the last day of  top song of everyday- from now on it's top 3 of the week.

so yesterday's song was Lukas Graham - Drunk in the morning. this song is being played like crazy all over danish radio..There's no music video, but this was the best version of the song that I could find on youtube.

and today's song is also tuunnne! I love the lyrics so that's why I linked the lyrics video - make sure you check out the official music video too. enjoy!

lørdag den 5. maj 2012


- I slept in
-I spent most of my morning studying physics
- I went out to lunch with my family at this amazing cafe by the sea
- I celebrated my friend's birthday - Tillykke igen musserr!
- I fangirled like crazy over 1D
- I edited pictures
- I watched a whole 3 hours of my danceshow

Today, I had a good day :)


I can't link today's song of the day because I'm writing this post from my iPhone and it won't let me link videos , but the song is "Drunk in the morning" by Lukas Graham. Tuunee!
I'll post the video in tomorrow's post.

fredag den 4. maj 2012

New In

Heyy readers :)

I went shopping yestrday- got a pair of shorts from Gina Tricot and a shirt from a small boutique on Østerbrogade and a new Essie nailpolish in a pinkish colour called "Demur". J'adore! :)

New In

and today's song of the day is a classic from my absolute all time favourite movie. The song never ever fails to put me in a good mood :) 

torsdag den 3. maj 2012

Hi guys,
 If you read yesterday's post you'd know that i was having a super off day....it really did suck but in the midst of all of that I forgot to give you guys your song of the day! so today you get 2. It's 20 degrees today! weeee! but I'm stuck here studying physics :((( kill.me.now.  going to training a little bit later and then going to babysit until 5. ¨
ciao :)

This is yesterday's song- i was listening to One Direction on repeat yesterday even before my day turned horrible, but even after, just listening to their songs made me forget it all for a while....

and today's song is from another one of my favourite bands - Kings of Leon, and the song is called Radioactive. (quite fitting when you're spending the day studying radioactivity in physics :P) 

onsdag den 2. maj 2012

It's funny isn't it, how just a few words can turn your whole day right around..It was overall a good start today, was home alone,cleaned up, planned to go into school for a bit, the weather was good..but most importantly i was in a good mood. Then somewhere throughout the course of the day, a certain someone i care quite alot about, made a little comment about me - to me. It was said in a friendly, joking way..but it hurt. It was just a few harmless words, but it's the one thing i'm most insecure about, and now I feel like all my self-confidence is shattered. Ofcourse I didn't show it, i tried to push it out of my head telling myself that I've been strong to build up myself confidence against this and those words didnt have any meaning when they were said. Nevertheless, i still can't get it out of my head - "You've gained weight." The words keep replaying in my head, and I just want to break down and cry. No girl should ever be told those words, not even jokingly, because she will remember it, just like I will....I'm usually the one to tell people not to care about what others say, and it's you're personality that counts...but when I'm the victim, I know now how easy it is to tell someone else to comfort them, but there's no comforting youself. I've come to the conclusion that me breaking down and crying isn't me showing my weakness, it's just me that's been strong for too long. Thinking back, my day was wonderful other than those words- being with my friends make me smile and forget just for a moment all my worries, but then in the happiness of the thoughts comes back that one negative thought bringing me to tears once again. People say that they hate when skinny people call themselves fat - it's true, i know those kinds of people..and i know how annoying it can be, but this is a different story, this isn't a sympathy story- this is just me writing out my thoughts, telling anyone who reads this that sometimes it's okay to let go of everything you've been fighting for, and feel like the lowest of the lowest, and if you're ever feeling like this well you know I'm going through the exact same. I woke up today with a smile on my face, and now I'm crawling into bed with my eyes stinging with tears, it's funny isn't it, how just a few words can turn your whole day right around

tirsdag den 1. maj 2012

Vas Happenin' Readers!

How've you guys been? Today's been amazing weather here- sunny and warm the whole day. Me Gusta. Been studying bioo the whole day, and went out for lunch with my mummy and managed to get some shopping done- I have to return a few of the things, and buy some more tomorrow so I'll post pictures then :) then went into fælledparken for 1st of May celebrations, but didnt stay for very long :)

If any of you guys have twitter then go follow me - mimispage123 . Right now i have 3 followers so help me out  yeah? :P I promise to follow back always :)

Hope you guys liked yesterday's song of the day. Today's one is a more chill and relaxing song by an artist called Christina Perri. The song is called Arms. <3 

Peace! <3