torsdag den 28. juni 2012

2 days away!

Hi guys :) Graduation is just two days away!! I'm actually quite excited. excited to hear everyone's speeches and see how everyone looks :) now with didi, dada and mashi here, It's been a busy week! I'm exaughsted. Jojo's over today :) we were watching a documentary on serial killers and she feel asleep. haha cutie!x tomorrow, we have rehearsal at school for friday. Then we're going out for sushi for dinenr tomorrow night. lots and lots of love to all you lovely readers :) <3

fredag den 22. juni 2012

Graduation dress et Shoes

Hi Guys :) This week has been pretty busy, eventhough I'm on holidayy :P Went into school to return my books, on monday, and to figure out the speeches,and what not. one word - frustrating. -.-' anyways, then I went to strøget with olga, tiiu and kaiu, and then we went back to their house,and we made THE BEST orange/chocolate cake I have ever tasted. ahhh! always get such good food when I'm with friends..probably the reason I'm such a fatass...aha!x Tuesday...hmmm, what did I do on Tuesday?..I left tiiu and Kaiu's house around 1, and then...oh, and then I met my mummy and we went to fields to do some shopping, and maybe even find me a graduation luck on the dress that day though.. Wednesday, I really I found a dress on, which I loooove! we ordered it, and it came the next dayy! graduation dress- check! Thursdayy was über warm..spent most of the day out in the garden. then for the rest of it, i spent cleaning every inch of my house. Didi and dada and mashi are coming tomorrow :-) so cleaning up like crazy for them! Today it's friday- friday friday gotta get down on friday! hahaha i'm sorry, now you're gonna have that stuck in your head for the rest of the day :P teehee! But today it's cold and pouring down with rain. Got ready really fast and met joey, afterwhich we went back to their house,and she made me such a nice cafe latte - see what i mean about getting fat because of friends!! - then not too long later Ellie came and joined us, and then caro came home, and we just chilled with lots of tea,coffee, and we made pancakes too :) Joey had to go golfing,and I had to head home to get all ready before Didi and Dada and Mashi come, so we both left after a bit, into the cold pouring rain again :( Caro and ellie stayed back for a bit, but they were both rushed aswell, so i dont think they were at the brysting casa much longer.. Tomorrow, didi, dada and mashi are coming!! third time i say it i know, but im so so excited for my aunt and cousins to be finally coming, just wish the weather was a bit better..but well, can't have everything I guess... adios! xxx (I'll post a picture of me graduation dress, in the next post!)

mandag den 18. juni 2012

Weekend Warrior Song

This is tiiu and the song she wrote. Kaiu did the filming,editing and all the video basically. I really hope you guys can see it because it's deffo worth watching! xxx

mandag den 11. juni 2012

One day away

Hi everyone,

Sorry for the last post :p I'm still not sure how i managed to write a blog entry last Friday and not post it. Anyways, only a little has happened since then, my daddy came home today from India. and he brought back mangoes. Indian mangoes are the best. just saying :)

Yesterday, Arni went off with his class for a week-long trip to Prague, so me and mummy went to drop him off and then we met up for a little hyggeligt girls night out with my mum's friend and daughter - Chandni Aunty and Gayathri, to celebrate Gayathri's graduation.
We drove down standvejen, and ended up driving all the way up to Helsingør! We found a beautiful little place for dinner called "Gamle Humlebæk Kro". It was such a pretty place. It's summer, so we sat outside and we had the best steaks ever (well according to the other three- it was my first time having steak like that, so i wasn't one to judge). then we went for a little walk along the beach, afterwhich we drove back for another hour or so, and ended up in the center of strøget where we went in for coffee and cake, at around 23.00. :)
It was a definitely a nice evening :)

Today, I sort of attempted to go back into my studying zone. I have one last exam tomorrow- bio multipal choice; and then I'M DONE!  ahhhh! i get happy just thinking about it! Just under 16 hours until I officially have summer holidayss!! :D :D :D

I'm off to bed now, have to go into school at 14.00 tomorrow, for an hour, and then I've got babysitting. fuuun -.-
toodles :) xxx

Weekend Warrior



On Wednesday,  like I said I would, I met up with Sabina in town. We walked around for about 4 hours or something. She actually found a lot to buy, and although I picked out 3 times as many things as her, i ended up buying nothing :P but it was so much fun just chillin with her (: I was dead when I got home.

Today I went back into town. haha :) except this time it was with mummy. and this time I did end up buying something! :D *proud*..i bought two pairs of shoes, and I saw an awesome dress, which maybe maybe maybe can be used for graduation (just under 3 weeks away!)  then Tiiu and Kaiu came over to my place to take a shower because their boiler broke :) hahaha.x

Tomorrow's going to be chill, I'm going to do just sleep. :)
enjoy your friday beautiful people.

onsdag den 6. juni 2012


I have a confession to make. I have been a horrible blogger lately. I said I would post pictures from the last post-didn't do that. I said I would update on my week- haven't done that either..and I missed Top 3 of the week AGAIN! I'm a disgrace I know...
But i will try to make up for it! Hopefully this will be a long blog entry with lots of updates, pictures and videos.

So to start from le beginning... In my last post I mentioned a surprise party for Sonia and Olga at Tiiu and Kaiu's house. As promised, pictures from there, with our if I may say, amazing ombré cake .. :)

That night was also Eurovision 2012,where Sweden ended up becoming the winner with the song below. Personally, I don't think it's the best song ever..but I did think it was a good winner song this year.(:

On Tuesday, I finished my last English and Physics papers. woop woop! :) and we even had sushi that night to celebrate. (that picture is on my instagram - 'mihikadeb')

Wednesday was the first night of Distortion, a street music festival in Copenhagen, which takes place over about 5 days, in different parts of the city. The first night it was in the main city. It was sooo cold, but so much fun!  few pictures beloww, sorry for the quality!!

Friday I went shopping with my mummy! I bought quite a few things; 2 pairs of jeans from ONLY, denim 3/4 pants from ONLY, black 3/4 haram pants from GINA TRICOT, flowery printed harampants from SAINT TROPEZ, a new bikini from WARP, open summery gladiator shoes from BIANCO, and a jumpsuit from H&M. Happy Dayys! :))

Yesterday and Today, I had my two Danish exams..bleh! but now i'm donee with those. Nicole came over afterwards today, and we just chilled at my house with SO much food! ahahha :D but it was so much fun with her.

Tomorrow, I'm meeting Sabina from my Jazz Dance group at Love2Dance, and we're going into town for a while. Will try and blog tomorrow night, and let you guys know the events of the day.

And finally, since we've missed Top 3 of the Week, last Friday (sorrysorrysorry!) i will post 3 videos that I've watched/listened to today.

This song is from a while back, but I loved it way back then, and I still love it now :) Natalie Imbruglia - Torn.

This video is only 24 hours old. It's been jubilee weekend in the United Kingdom this weekend to celebrate the diamond jubilee of Queen Elizabeth's 60 years of service on the British throne. Yesterday, there was a huge concert for a crowd of millions, and many members of the royal family, and also the queen herself. Ed Sheeran was one of the performing artists. This video just makes me proud. It shows how far Ed really has come :') and his unbelievable talent to catch the attention of approx. 22 million viewers with just his voice and his guitar. Ed ,I love you! <3 Ed Sheeran - A-team

This song is all the way back from 2009, and I had heard it a couple of times on the radio then, but was re-introduced to it today by Nicole. The lyrics are lovely, and the chorus is quite catchy :) Matt Nathanson - Come On Get Higher.

So you guys, that's about it for this long post. I hope it was long enough and was able to compensate for all the days without blogging. Mucho love to you all from all around the world. I'm off to bed now. Night Night. xxx