mandag den 30. april 2012

Studybreak, Top3oftheweek

Heyy Readers :)

As of today, my study leave has officially started. That means that I'm not gonna be in school, but rather spending most of my day studying- but hopefully that also means that now I have lots more time to update you guys here. The plan for today is pretty chill- just woke up about half an hour ago, gonna make myself some breakfast and then sit down to study. I have to go into school later to pick up the kids, I'm babysitting and thats pretty much the plan for the day. Completely packed isn't it? :P
It's a warm and sunny day today- I think I might sit outside and studyy :)

I've seen this been done in a few other blogs- Top 3 of the week. In other words,  I will post my top 3 most listened to songs during the week  on a Sunday evening, every week from now on, but since I have more time this week, i thought I'd start off a little differently by posting 1 song every single day of this week, and then from next week I'll commence my Top 3 of the week. what do you guys think? sound good? :)

So to start us off, a song I can have on replay for hours and hours. It's not very new, but the song is beautiful, and of course sung by one of my absolute favourite artists - Ed Sheeran. The music video is also incredible! It features Rupert Grint (Ron Weasley from Harry Potter - for all you slow people out there) who plays the part as a massive fan of Ed Sheeran- by dressing up in Ed's clothes,singing Ed's songs, sneaking into Ed's tour bus and even chewing on the same piece of chewing gum as Ed. His goal is to finally meet his idol, his inspiration- and in the end he does get to, but just for a very short glance. In the video, Rupert Grint is dressed up as Ed Sheeran singing his songs throughout the whole music video, however Ed Sheeran himself does show up on the video at "3:30" and Ed's voice is obviously the playback of the song. It's confusing I know, but once you understand the concept it's a wonderful song- definately one of my favourites! 


lørdag den 28. april 2012

Y11 Last Day of Rygaards

You know those memories that you just know will last for a long long time, those ones that you can see yourself looking back on years later and remembering..yeah, yesterday was one of those memories :)

Y11's last day at Rygaards. Started of with Caro, Joey and Ellie coming over to my house in the morning and cooking eggs and bacon. Then Mr. Ebeling drove over and came to pick us and the food up. Breakfast started around 9.30 with loads and loads and loads of food. We had breakfast with the teachers until about 10.30. It was warm and sunny, so we got to sit outside! woop!
Anyways, cleared up afterwards, and got changed into our "warrior/hardcore" costumes with body paint etc. and went around the school chanting our soon to be victory over the teachers at longball.
Played with the teachers - we ended up deciding that the game was a tie -(despite the teacher's obvious cheating). ;) came back and just chilled around in school for a while. Sat and talked to the Y10s for a bit, before they had to go back into class..but Oskar decided to stay out, so sat outside talking to him for a while :)
Came back with Joey, Caro and Ellie to my house, so that we could quickly change again, and then rushed back to school, where we said our goodbyes to the teachers, Y10s and the danes before all of the class left together to Bakken and spent the rest of the evening there together with the class :)