mandag den 11. februar 2013

I'm going to go get my glasses today.... Eeeeek!
Friday I met late and got off at 3.30. Then went with Daniella, her boyfriend, Angela, Emilie and Emily to cafe laden. BEST CHEESECAKE EVER! After that I rushed into town to meet Janyce only to find that she hadn't reached yet,so I waited in baresso for about 45 mins, in which time I ended up meeting a few others from Rygaards. Janyce finally came, we ordered and talked for ages. It got to around 8.30 once I got home, only to be right out the door again, we were going to have Chinese for dinner. Had Chinese - nom nom nom, came home, watched a few series and then bed.
Productive way to start the holidays :)


School from 8.30- 14.45. Ran home. Get changed and ran to basketball. Played a match against the U14s. Lost. Badly. Ouch. Went straight to dance. Dance over at 9.45.Got the bus home.Dinner. Study Social Anthropology. Bed. Nanite