søndag den 29. januar 2012

Window into my weekend.

Hey Beautiful People,

Friday: Friday I got home from school. Chilled in front of the TV for about two hours. Changed my clothes and went back to school for the Quiz Night - Babysitting thing I mentioned in the last post. It wasn't so bad. We also got to mark the quiz papers, and there was loads of food so it's all good. :P

Saturday: Saturday I met up with Sonia and we went into the city to look at the shoe sales. We went into Magasin at first but we didn't find anything there, so we walked down Strøget to Jette Riis- they also had major shoe sale! Sonia found a pair of really pretty black stilletos.Then Grandjean called us and said we were getting late, so we rushed through strøget, and took the metro and train one stop and showed up at Palads where we met up with Grandjean and Martin. Grandjean said he's booked the tickets but apparently he hadn't so we ended up buying tickets to go watch Mission Impossible 2. It was a good movie, but Cameron Diaz wasn't in this one :( After the movie, the four of us just chilled for a while and then took the train back home together. It was "hyggeligt".
I got home, chilled some more. Then I found out that the 'børne MGP' was on, so I sat and watched that too..:P

Sunday: I went for drama rehearsal this morning. Came home and had an hour to change and get ready to go to the dance mærkeprøve. It was great! Although I didn't think I danced my best- the judges seemed to think differently and awarded me with the highest points in my group. jubiii! :D It was really nice, just sitting on the sidelines with all my friends from dance, and cheering them on when it was their turns. I've just got home, and now in about half an hour the Handball Final is going to start. I'm not usually a handball fan but it's the final and Denmark is playing against Serbia. So my whole evening is filled with family, junkfood and handball!

What weekend adventures did you guys get up to?

Peace !

fredag den 27. januar 2012


Hey peeps :)
Right now I'm sitting in math class being bored outta my mind.we have lunch break in 15 minutes and I'm starving!!
Anyways I have a super busy weekend coming up. Tonight there's a quiz night at our school for the parents and our class has to be there to babysit their kids. Not the best way to spend my Friday night, but the money goes to our prom and I'm gonna be with my friendss. Speaking of prom- I bought my dress!! I now have two to choose from.i'll link pictures into the post. Then you guys can comment and tell me which one to pick.
But back to my weekend.. Saturday I have to finish all my work and revision and then we're going shipping as a family.
Sunday I have drama practice in the morning. And then for the rest of the day I have 'mærke-prøve' with my dance group. Im nervous.. But then i get to spend my Sunday with the lovely dance girls (:

What're your plans for this weekend ? :)


tirsdag den 24. januar 2012

Great start to the week...no lessons!

Hey blog! :)

Yesterday I didn't have lessons cause we're practicing to do a presentation for the school on the theme of 'creativity' so all our lessons were canceled to let us prepare for that.

Today I didn't have school either. CIS (one of the schools I might be going to next year) had an open day , so my class and the class below us went there to spend the day and see the school and lessons in action.
It was really nice, everything was organized so that all the classes we went to flowed really well, and we weren't just standing around. The students knew that we would be coming in. And they were that little bit extra sweet to us to make us feel welcome. I also got to meet some of the people who might be in my class if I go there next year.
And they had looooooads of food! Why?to bribe us to join their school maybe :b

I'm off to dance in a while, and the. It's back home, dinner, shower and finally bed.


søndag den 22. januar 2012


Woke up at around 10 today, and had an hour before I had to be at school. I rushed and made some breakfast and got ready and was at school on time. We had drama practice at school today for two hours. I didn't do much- just practiced one of my scenes today, and the rest of the time I just sat around and rehearsed my lines. it started to snow like really much, so came home all soaked. Had lunch, and magnum double caramel icecream. yes, i know ice cream in the middle a snowy sunday...but it was so tempting. and now im just sitting with my big pile of work to do.

What're you doing today?

Mmmmums! <3 

kisses <3

Weekend Buys

Black High-Waist Jeans from VILLA

Grey Jeggings from ONLY

Dark red lipstick from Lakmé bought at Matas

lørdag den 21. januar 2012


Hey beautiful readers :)
I woke up around 8 today, made myself some breakfast and sat down to study. Around one o'clock I went into town with my daddy to buy some new pants. Pictures will be up in the next post. We drove around like EVERYWHERE, we went to two different shopping malls, but there was no parking- finally we found parking at the third shopping center, and I bought my pants and some other minor stuff. We got back home around 4. Watched the MGP or Melodi Grand Prix for denmark to see who would win to represent Denmark in Eurovision. It was super hyggeligt, just sitting with the family in front of the TV. Tomorrow I have drama practice from 11-13 and then guess it's homework and studying for the rest of the day.

How has your Saturday been?


fredag den 20. januar 2012

We got the most beautiful Girls...Might be the best place in the world.

Hi bloggen :)

Firstly, the title has almost nothing to do with the post. It's just the lyrics of a song I've got stuck in my head :-P My day has been alot better today. My mom came and woke me up at 6.45, cause I didnt have my phone to put on my alarm. I don't think it's ever been so hard for me to get up in the morning. I <3 sleep! Anyways school was as usual today- we had drama the last 2 periods, where we worked through our scenes over and over and over ..(and over)..again. We're performing in less than a month and we have so much left to do! So from now on we have Sunday rehearsals at the school. Not quite the way I'd want to spend my sunday afternoon but well..

I came home. Got something to eat. and then fell asleep straight away. It's amazing how much a nap after a long week can help. Right now, it's only me and mommy at home, so it's just a chill evening.

Today I had a conversation with a certain someone. I don't know her so well. But I know who she is. Our converstaion really got me thinking. It should be said that this girl is quite insecure about herself. She feels she's not good enough for certain others. Like she's bothering them everytime she writes to them on chat first.The one who she enjoyed talking to the most, turned out to be telling everyone else how much he despises talking to her. She was almost in tears. She hadn't seen this coming. And all this now makes her doubt her self-worthiness even more. Now I don't know her so well but I'm not one to judge. But we all have those days, we just have to remember that 'me' is first priority. I know that's easier said than done. Those girls who live their lives pleasing others- yes everybody will love you, but the one person that won't love you is youself. The girls who are insecure about their looks and cover themselves in makeup, or go on crazy workouts in hope that people will think they're beautiful- You were beautiful even before all that makeup! Yes, every girl wears make up. And yes it can help. And as cliché as it sounds it's true- personality counts ten times more than looks. You know who you are. And I know you're reading this- i hope it helped.

torsdag den 19. januar 2012

Not my day..

Hey Blog,
It's just not my day today.It started of pretty normal, went to school as usual,and then work after. My friend took my iphone, so I don't have that until tomorrow. I have physics, english, danish, french, geography, history and biology to do. It's deppressing just thinking about the amount of work I have. I've been tired the whole day. I just wanna crawl into my bed under the warm blanket and get away to a place with no stress. Anyways, i better get started on all that homework  I've got.

I have a disney soundtrack playing in the background right now. It makes me happy, It reminds me of the times when I was a little girl and life was so easy...


onsdag den 18. januar 2012

I'm already thinking of Spring Collections, and a lot of brands have released theirs- here's a few that caught my eye, from the places I shop most at..

ONLY -Spring Collection 2012

ONLY - Spring Collection 2012

ONLY- Spring Collection 2012

ONLY - Spring Collection 2012

Alexa Chung for Vero Moda - Spring/ Summer Collection 2012

Alexa Chung for Vero Moda - Spring/Summer Collection 2012

And for all my danish readers out there- I found an article from the magazine Vi Unge on tips and trends for Spring 2012. Check it out ----

mandag den 16. januar 2012

Ski Trip 2011

Hey beautiful people! :)
How has your week been? Mine has been beyond awesome. Skiing for 10 days in Bad Gastein, Austria with my class- it doesn't get much better than that!
Everyday was pretty much the same- wake up at 8, breakfast at 8.30, get out of the hotel by 9.30, ski-school starts at 10.00, skiing from 10-12, one hour lunch break, more skiing from 13-15, back to hotel and chill, dinner at 18, time for Harry Potter marathon and Amnesia :P

We did extra things on top of that too- like tobogganing one night, going grocery shopping at spar,eating SO much chocolate, all the bruises, it was amazing. I wanna be back there right now :(

- but I gotta admit, it's nice to be home. We were staying at a youth hostel- which wasnt so bad, but it's no where near as good as my bedroom and my mom's good food :P

The Harry Potter marathon was a nice relaxing twist. It was 'hygge' time with the whole class together, just chillin with food and a movie. We also played Amnesia almost every night, - i'm not the hugest  gaming freak but that game was addicting! :D Anyways, we managed to finish the whole game by the end of the week. speaking of gaming- i've achieved new high scores in the app Temple Run as well as TapTap Revenge 4, and i played counter strike for the first time, (and i must say, i was pretty good at it) - okay, so maybe I am a bit of a gamer (;

The bus ride to and from Bad Gastein felt like forever!! 20 hours on a bus- not fun! but it goes faster when your with the people your very close to :)

I can't think of whatelse to write- there's just way too much- maybe the pictures will help. and you guys can always comment, and ask whatever :)

love you all! <3

On the way there


Bad Gastien

Winter Heaven

^ + ellie = my roomies <3

Chillin with the teachers

World's Best Salad


With Harry- my ski instructor

Friends, Skiing, Bruises and Fun - A trip impossible to forget <3

fredag den 6. januar 2012

It's Friday!

Heyy blog :)
I wasn't in school today cause my class has to meet at the airport in a few hours for our bus to take us to Bad Gadstein, in Austria for our ski trip! :) I'm gone all week, so I promise a looong post once I get back :)
Much love <3


Hi Blog,
 Sorry for the minimal blogging lately. 2012's got me off on a crazy busy start. Barcelona was amazing! The city, the shopping, the weather and the food where all gorgeous! I want to go back already <3

Lunch at this wonderful café- I got the nachos with the best guacamole dip!, trip to the aquarium, shopping.

Visiting Camp Nou- FC Barcelona's stadium; It was great, but ofcourse as a Manchester United supporter, I will always have this small resentment to any other team :p, visiting the Sagrada Familia, traditional spanish lunch of paella and tapas- yumm! :D, taking a cable car up a mountain to see a castle, HUGE market place- with a huge candy section!´

Visting Parc Güell- it has these really awesome mosaic stairs, meeting up with another family and having Italian for lunch with them, back home for dinner and to get ready for New Year's Eve, we met up with the other family who we had had lunch with again in the night. We tried out this tradition which the spaniards have of eating 12 grapes, (one at each strike) of the churchbell after midnight, and making a wish with every idea. I don't know how many of my wishes will come true this year, but it's a neat idea. Then ofcourse there was champagne and PARTY!

Sleeping in, breakfast at a small café where they served me the world's BEST cafe latte! No joke, it was heavenly! Then to the beach for a while, and then back to the airport to come back home.

mandag den 2. januar 2012

Happy New Year!

Hey Blog!
This is gonna be quick. I got back from Barcelona late last night. Will write a more detailed blog entry + upload pictures sometime this week. School tomorrow :(  but ski trip on Friday! :D weeeee! hope you jumped into 2012 with a night that was impossible to remember and impossible to forget ;).