søndag den 31. august 2014

Lush: 'Think Pink' Bath Bomb.

Hello Everybody,

A few months ago whilst in the UK, I walked into the Lush store having heard of it from several bloggers and youtubers. I can tell you already now that heaven smells like a Lush store does! In case, you are still not aware as to what Lush is (get researching!! It'll be worth it!) - Lush is a company which makes fresh handmade cosmetics and bath products from organic ingredients.

When I walked into the store I was automatically attracted to the bath bombs. From the reviews I had read, they were supposed to be the most fun and had amazing effects on your skin. The girly side of my became dominant, as I chose this "Think Pink" Bath Bomb.

This particular bath bomb contains a sweet mix of vanilla and tonka fragrance, and is laced with lavender and Neroli oil, to give you the finest of relaxing experiences.
And the best part is that when the bath bomb fizzes, it releases small pink and red hearts made of rice paper into your bath to add that girly feel to it all! And because it's made of rice paper, these dissolve easily, and so you don't have to wash them out from the tub after letting the water drain out post bath-time!! So convenient!

Let me know some of your favourite Lush products - I'm all for trying new ones out!

Lots of love,

Mimi xxx

Out and About Copenhagen : Christiania

Hello everybody,

Lets just imagine that it's a beautiful summers day, and you happen to be in Copenhagen. If you're in Copenhagen on a visit, chances are you are staying here for a good week or so, and if not, then chances are you have visited Denmark previously, where you did stay for a week or so. Every visitor coming into Copenhagen knows - they've either been told by their travel agents or the vibrant displays in Copenhagen airport show them - that Copenhagen is a city rich in fashion, dining, arts and culture. If the latter two things sound of interest to you, then read on…

Christiania, the Free Town.
I'm talking about a place so rich in culture and vibrant display of art, a place so different from the rest of Copenhagen, that you'll almost forget you're still in Copenhagen. I'm talking about Christiania.
The free-town of Christiania is a sovereign neighborhood with approximately 900 or so residents. It lies in the heart of Copenhagen surrounded by lush green trees in the summer, and is a perfect place to enjoy a coffee and take Christiania's distinct cultural aura.
Christiania is slowly but surely now creeping up the lists, under the headers of "places to see in Copenhagen" on sites such as TripAdvisor and The Lonely Planet.

Christiania Controversy.
If you have heard about Christiania before, I am almost willing to bet that you have been informed about the very open cannabis trade that takes place there. You have probably also heard about disputes about the legal status as a community of Christiania. It is mainly due to these two facts, that Christiania often has a negative connotation, and is often found on the cover page of the local newspaper, being portrayed as an anarchist community. The residents of Christiania have developed their own set of rules, independent of the Danish government, and these rules forbid stealing, guns, violence, knives, bullet proof vests, and hard drugs.
The truth is, however, people have mixed feelings about Christiania. They might not necessarily agree with the trade of cannabis (which by the way is controlled no, and the environment it is done in, would never strike you as an environment where drugs are being traded), but on the other hand they are very fond of the art and ambiguous culture that Christiania has to offer.
In my opinion, you have to visit Christiania in order to create your opinion on it - and if the reviews which state that Christiania is a malcontent area, are what is scaring you away from visiting the place, then I'm sorry to say you have been misinformed and quite frankly are missing out on an incredible cultural experience.

Christiania in Photos.
If I haven't convinced you yet to take a small visit to Christiania, perhaps these vibrant pictures of everyday life, art and culture in Christiania, will do the trick.

The old houses of Christiania

..And the not-so-old houses..

Christiania Art

Christiania art meets architecture.

Aerial view of Christiania.

Christiania's Common Laws.

If you have visited Christania before, or do so in the future, let me know about your experiences. Also, if you're from outside Denmark, do you know somewhere that has something similar - I'd love to hear!

Lots of love,

Mimi xxx