lørdag den 18. oktober 2014

Autumn Nails

Hello Everybody!

Unfortunately when things get busy and stressful, blogging on here usually takes a back-seat…..but I'm back for now, and I'm bursting with autumnal ideas to get you all into the cosy autumn spirit as the days get colder. 
Let's start with nails….

Taaadaaa!! My go-to nail polish this season is definitely the 'New York Night' nail polish by one of my  absolute favourite beauty gurus on the internet --  Tanya Burr!!

I bought these just about half a year ago, when Tanya's  first range of products were still fairly new. I love this one particularly, because it's a very chic dark shade of plum. It looks borderline black, which works perfect for nights out, or if you want your nails to match the lack of daylight we have around this time of year. But it's still acceptable as a more softer day time wear, as it's not black! And can be used to get a more softer look. 

Perfect for pairing with colours like grey, black, darker brown, Bordeaux…
And just image what a cute picture you could get of this colour nail grasping around a warm cup of hot cocoa…completely Instagram worthy!!

For the perfect 'edgy-yet-soft' autumn nails!

Lots of love, 

Mimi xx