fredag den 27. juli 2012

to much to say

Hi Guys, So much has happened I dont quite know how to put it into words....or how to start or end or anything really! I'll just start off....with the present. Right now I'm sitting and packing my suitcase while I watch the opening ceremony at the London 2012 Olympic Games. It's beautiful beyond words. Now why am i packing? I'm going back to Denmark tomorrow morning. I got a job offer with the danish magazine Vi-Unge, on their One Direction edition and they want me to be covegirl!! :D but because the photoshoot is already next week I have to cut my holiday here in India short and go home. :( Right now I'm in Calcutta, before this I was in Bangalore with the family, having an awesome time, and before that in pondicherry for a few days. that was an unforgettable trip!..before that i was in Calcutta again for 2 days, and before that we made a stop in dubai before I shall post pictures once I get home :) Thats just about it...guess i managed to present it all anyways..eventhough it's not my exact way of thinking of the situation..but thats hard to put into words. I hope you lovely readers are enjoying the summer to the fullest! lots and lots of love to you all :)x

fredag den 6. juli 2012


Hi guys :)
It's 9pm right now in India, and I'm sitting on the couch with a bowl of Ice cream, watching Wimbeldon with dada..Go Murray!! :D
I'm in Bangalore, India right now.. And tomorrow early morning I leave for pondy- an 8 hour bus ride, but then down to the seaside. It's gonna be awesome. Not done very much lately other than be lazy and eat lots, but then again, that's partly what summer holiday's are about ;)

Hope you Guys are enjoying your holidays!

Check it! I had one of these today --->

mandag den 2. juli 2012

We're all going on a summer Holiday

Hi venner ! :)

Today I officially feel like my summer holiday has started, and it feels great! In a few hours, I'm heading off to Dubai, on the way to India.
I have no idea of how much Internet I'll have and how often I'll get to post, but I'll try as often as I can, and when I get back, I'll make a big long post with highlights of the summer and pictures.

I hope you guys have a wonderful holiday and enjoy the sun as much as you can :) xx

Lots and lots and lots of love <3

Rygaards Graduation :)

Rygaards Graduation 2012. Magical day :)

Didi, Dada and Mashi DK trip

So like I had said before, my cousins and aunt were coming to denmark, now it's been 8 days, and they left back to India this morning. It was a wonderful week, with lots and lots and lots of food :/'s a few pictures from le week :)