mandag den 27. februar 2012

Drama Production

Hey everyone :)

So we just got done with our drama production, that we've been working on for A few months now. It went pretty good, and we all had fun. Pictures will be up as soon as I get the time.

Nightnight <3

søndag den 26. februar 2012


Hey Blog,
 about yesterday's post...i just needed to get it out, and some bitches can just be too much- im not even gonna start on what she did today..but anyways, at least you guys had a good read ;)

Today I spent pretty much the whole day at school for our final dress rehearsal of our took soooo long, but it's coming along good, and tomorrow it's showtime!
I don't have proper lessons tomorrow; it's all going to be spent reheasing and performing(: me gusta.

--From thursday until almost halfway through march , i have my mocks :( bleh!
so much going on right now, it's all stressing.

The oscars are on tonight. Are you guys going to watch it?


lørdag den 25. februar 2012

The moment when your day has been going pretty good, and you feel like you're doing something nice and thoughtful for others, and one person decides to ignore that and comment on something totally different about what you said, and it ruins everything. Thanks..I was having a great day until you had to come along and ruin everything. i wish you'd think before you do things like that. you have no idea how shallow it is of you to do. and that's not the only thing that's got me pissed- i recently found out about you telling certain people about something which happened a while ago- why the fuck would you have to mention that to them?! they weren't involved, they have no buisness knowing! in that conversation they actually even said that i was "pretty awesome" to which you replied "yeah, but there is this thing that happened, which I'll tell you about, but she can't know im telling you". Did you honestly think I wouldn't find out?  They hadn't even mentioned anything , and you had to go and make it all negative. i kind of feel like it's to make yourself look better. It's like you don't like the fact that im friends with them, so you feel the need to mention you something from ages ago, to people who genuinly like me- just to mess things up. and you said to them "but she can't know", that makes it so much fucking worse! you honestly thought he wouldn't tell me?? you underestimate him; and me for that matter. mentioning mistakes of the past to my new friends.. i don't know if that's slutty of you- getting rid of all his other friends, just because you want to be the only one talking to him, or if it's just incredibly shallow of you, making you a horrible friend. I wish you read this and realise that it's you I'm talking about, and realise how bitchy it is of you to be doing. i also hope that you one day feel the same somehow and karma fucking gets to you, then you realise what you do to others without even stopping once to think that it's not okay. FUCK YOU.

mandag den 20. februar 2012


Hey everyone :)

Today we started school again after the holidays,but it wasn't as bad as I expected - ofcourse there was those times half way through the school day when I'd think to myself..."it's 11,if I were on holiday I'd be waking up right now -.-"
But it was nice seeing everyone again. After school I came home an hour before I was actually supposed to cause history class got canceled. Came home for half an hour and then went back to school to pick up the kids I babysit. Stayed with them until 17.30 after which I came home for another half an hour and then changed and went to dance. We learnt the second part of our performance routine today.. It to single ladies by beyonce..ohmygod I can't get tired of that song! When I finished dance there was 30 minutes until the bus waited at lyngby st. in the cold for half an hour ..:/ came home, ate, did some homework and now it's time to chill and then sweet dreamland.

Kisses :*

søndag den 19. februar 2012

Hi everyone :))

Today is the last day of holidays.. It's been great, and I could deffo use another week of it ..:/

But on a different topic, I have taken a little liking into the boy band one direction. I swore I wouldn't like a boy band like them..but I gotta say they are cute! I have no intention of becoming a 'directioner' as they call themselves, but I hardly know much of them yet, but after watching a few interviews an continuously playing their single "one thing".. I thought they deserved a post in this blog :p
They all seem über sweet and funny, but my eye candy has got to be zayn Malik <3 He's adorable:) I link a picture of him below Staycool, xoxo

ufffff <3

lørdag den 18. februar 2012

I miss summer....

And all the memories that come with it..
The endless attempts at making a human pyramind
The picnics
Being able to wear shorts
The grill dinners outside
Goofing around in the playgrounds
Smores ;)
Not really doing anything in lessons, cuz its almost the end of term..
Sitting around the fire
hahhaha... the trips to tivoli and bakken ofc ;)

torsdag den 16. februar 2012

Mor er hjemmeeeeee!!

Hey Blog :)
Woke up today to another beautiful sunny morning. Got dressed, made myself breakfast, and then left to Hellerup st. with Arni. We took the grey train to the airport, got some lunch  at Burger King- and then later a caramel frappocino from starbucks :D -- and then waited for about an hour for my mommy to come out into the arrivals area- it took forever!
Anyways, we took a taxi back home and got home around 14.00.
I helped my mommy unpack and then sat down to start the first day of my 'holiday revision schedule'. it's going good so far, just did two hours of history- i have a break now and then two more hours...:/

rock out, stay strong

onsdag den 15. februar 2012

Found this little image - I thought it was worth sharing :)

mandag den 13. februar 2012

Day One of the week..

Hey Blog,

Not much has happened today.. my daddy left for work around 8..woke up around 8.30 cuz the sun was shining into my room, and my whole room was lit up - you have no idea how amazing that felt, waking up to the sunlight. It just automatically puts you in a happier mood :-) anyways, I stayed in bed until about 10, when I finally had to get up because the phone starting ringing. It was my mommy- i talked to her for about 15 minutes, then I got changed and made breakfast for myself and Arni. Then I went to Netto, and I decided to take my camera with me for on the way..I got a few prtty good shots of the frozen lake. Came back home- wrote my english essay, and watched a few episodes of modern family. Then I made pasta and the most omnomnom pastasauce in the world! It was like heaven on a spoon. :b Then I did my physics whilst lying on my bed. I eventually dozed off while working on it - shows how much I admire physics :P so after my little siesta, I made myself some tea, and now I've just changed into my training clothes, and waiting for my daddy to get home so that he can drive me to dance :)


søndag den 12. februar 2012

Dagens Status...

Hej blog (:

Jeg har bemærket, at de fleste af mine læsere er fra Danmark, så som en stor tak til alle jer herhjemme lover jeg at skrive flere af mine blogindlæger på dansk. Selvfølgelig kommer der også til at være en hel masse på engelsk (man skal jo vel holde fast til den der "international vibe" ! ) Denne uge har jeg vinterferie, og jeg skal ikke ud og rejse, så det vil sige at jeg har mere tid til at blogge, og jeg vil prøve at skrive herinde hver eneste dag i den kommende uge. Jeg har også tænkt mig at skifte lidt rundt på layout og alt det der, så det bliver lidt mere som en blog. I må meget gerne kommer med forslag til hvad jeg kan gøre :-D
Men anyways....Idag har jeg været sammen med min veninde Janyce. Hun er min barndomsveninde, og vi var naboer i 10 år indtil jeg flyttede væk fra Frederiksberg til Hellerup. Jeg savner alle dem på Frederiksberg, men de er allesammen skide god til at holde kontakten, og jeg ser dem ret tit. Nå men Janyce kom sammen med sin lillebror Kenneth omkring kl.14. Vi var for det meste hjem hos mig, og vi hyggede med hjemmelavet pizza, kage og en hel masse snak om alt mellem himmel og jord. Vi fik også taget en masse billeder på mit elskede kamera :-) Så kørte min far dem hjem igen omkring kl.20, og nu sidder jeg bare og overføre vidundedrlig musik på min Iphone og så er det bedtime for meee ;)

Sov godt mennesker!
Mange kys herfra.

lørdag den 11. februar 2012

Så blev det endelig vinterferie!!!

Hi all you readers out there!

It's finally the winter holidays! No school or anything in that sense for a 9 days! just the thought of  being able to sleep in late is enough to make me happy. I'm staying in cold and dark denmark -.-' yaaay...but on the plus side, I get to chill and do nothing,and catch up with all the wonderful people I havn't seen in ages. I still have dance training throughout the holidays, but that I don't mind at all.
It's Valentines Day on Tuesday, my mommy comes home on Thursday and it's fastelavn on Sunday.
I've had a good start to the holiday- waking up late to a breakfast of nutella on toast and strawberries, and a chai latte! muuuumms <3 then i cleaned up the whole house, cause we're haviong people over tomorrow- and then I went out shopping with daddy and Arni, and just procrastinated the whole day through.

- I felt in the wintermood, so I changed the blog layout abit- lemme know what you think :)

what are your holiday plans? Are you guys going out travelling, or are you staying home like the rest of us cool people? ;)
Omnomnom Breakfast!

kyskys :*

mandag den 6. februar 2012

This has been me the whole day! I have so much to do..I just can't be bothered. I hate Monday's

søndag den 5. februar 2012

Happy Nutella Day!

Hej derude!

Friday I was at Ellie's house for dinner and I stayed over. It was really chill. Just a nice girly evening with dinner, movies and talk :) We havn't had one of those in a long time-just us girls from the class, so it was nice.
Woke up on Saturday at ellie's, had breakfast and then just chilled in front of the TV till my dad came and picked me up. Came home, left my bags, and then went out shopping with my dad. In the evening, Sonia and Kaiu came over around 16.30 and then my dad drove us to Ellie C's house for Marianna's surprise party. When she came in, we did the whole jumping out and yelling surprised thing. hahaha she was surprised :P it was hyggeligt, got to talk to quite a few people from the other classes in school who I don't usually talk to. Then my dad came and picked us up,and we dropped Kaiu and Sonia back home again.
This morning I woke up at 10.45 and realised I had 15 minutes to be at school for drama rehearsal. I rushed around the house, put on some clothes and left within 10 minutes. I walked out the door to realise that everything was covered in like 7 meters of snow! It was crazy, especially since the last night, there wasn't any snow! Anyways went to practice, I was starving beacause I hadn't had any breakfast- but luckily Mrs.Valdez made us tea, and brought cookies, and mariah brought in a chocolate nutella fudge brownie that her mom made to celebrate International Nutella Day. It was sooooo good! Came home, made myself some lunch, cleaned my closet, cleaned my room and sat down to do my homework. right now, I'm about to go eat dinner, and then it's just chilling with some 'big bang theory' episodes :P


torsdag den 2. februar 2012


Update on Kryptex...this is her promo video--

Go listen people- I promise you won't be dissapointed with her mixes! :)) 'kissss

onsdag den 1. februar 2012


Heyyy Beautiful Blog,

The last time I posted was on Sunday(apologies for the minimal blogging). Anyways so a few things have happened here and there through the last week.
Firstly, I found out that since I'm not giving the math exam at the end of the year- I have free period everyday AND I don't meet until 10 on wednesday ! luxuuuuus! :D
I also found out thát my mom is going to India for the next two weeks, so it's just me, my brother and my dad.
I'm pretty exited for this weekend. I have a spa/girly sleepover friday night , and on saturday I'm going to a party :) It should be good!

Right now i'm sitting with coffee, my english homework and my playlist going on in the background. I'm wearing like 3 layers of clothing- It's so coold! :(