onsdag den 6. marts 2013


So I finally gave in and recently joined tumblr

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1D World In Stockholm

Two weeks ago I was in Stockholm, Sweden. There was a 1D World Store opening at 10am on the Saturday, so in order to get in towards the beginning I went at 7am; by which time there was already about 100 girls waiting in line, and waited in the cold for about 3 hours before they finally let the first lot in to the amazing store and bought myself an official calendar  wristbands, a t-shirt and a bag. I also met a few relevant people ; including some danish fans as well!! :) x always nice to hear a known language in a country where you don't speak the national language. I even got a picture with a Zayn cut-out. Crazy weekend. But I loved every minute of it.

- Mimi 

Miss Universe 2012

So I watched this a little while ago, and finally got around to blogging about it...

Miss Universe 2013, as the 61st Miss Universe Pageant, was held in Planet Hollywood- The centerpiece of the bustling Las Vegas Strip, Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino. 

The show started off with the red carpet arrivals which amongst others included a very handsome Nigel Barker, and a flawless Scott Disick, and the glamourous ladies included Ximena Navarrete and Kerri Walsh Jennings, who flashed off her baby bump on the red carpet. Not to forget the main man himself- Mr. Donald Trump, also charmed the paps on his tour down the red carpet. 

Kerri Walsh Jennings

Donald Trump

Nigel Barker

Scott Disick

Ximena Navarrete
Then came the introduction, where each representitive had their time to strut and shine and do their country or territory proud.

From all these 89 countries, the top 16 were chosen to move forward in the pageant. 

Miss Karina González for Mexico

Miss Irene Esser for Venezuela

Miss  Janine Tugonon, for Philipines

Miss Gabriela Markus, for Brazil

Miss Nicole Faveron, for Peru

Miss Renae Ayris, for Australia

Miss Çağıl Özge Özkul, for Turkey

Miss Agnes Konkoly, for Hungary

Miss Elizabeth Golovanova, for Russia

Miss Elizabeta Burg, for Croatia

Miss Olivia Culpo, for USA

Miss  Marcelina Zawadzka, for Poland

Miss Marie Payet, for France

Miss Shilpa Singh, for India

Miss  Diana Avdiu, for Kosovo

Miss Melinda Bam, for South Africa

 These 16 went through several rounds of the show  in which my favorites included national dress and swim wear :D and then...

Miss Gabriela Markus, for Brazil was named 4th runner up

Miss Renae Ayris, for Australia claimed her spot as 3rd runner up

Miss Irene Esser, for Venezuela came at 2nd runner up

Miss Janine Tugonon, nailed a 1st runner up

leaving ....

Miss Olivia Culpo, for USA to become titled as Miss Universe 2013!!!!!!

The show was beyond amazing...and left my just slightly depressed about my own self after seeing so many gorgeous ladies from around the world. 
One of the better Miss Universe's to date in my opinion :)

- Mihika