søndag den 11. maj 2014

Easy Healthy Revision Smoothie!

Hi Everybody!

I trust that you are all well. Today's post is going to be a little bit different, because I am right in the middle of my exams, and I've just been so busy… I promise, an April favorites will be up as soon as I can (Hopefully that's before the time for May favorites!!) Today's post is going to be quite short and it's about smoothie making in 5 simple steps!
When you're spending hours on end hiding behind stacks of notes and school books, and your main reason for leaving that desk of yours is to actually give an exam (what has my life come to?!), then a healthy smoothie in the morning, or for during your little breaks is the perfect beverage.
I have been having this almost everyday for the past 3 weeks, and it's working wonders on my concentration levels and overall on how healthy I feel.
I say it's a healthy smoothie because it doesn't contain any artificially added sugar, or fats…not because it's going to be loaded with protein powder -- so don't be fooled. It doesn't need any extra sugars, because the fructose from the banana and the strawberry usually make it sweet enough already.
 Right let's get to it…

What you will need:
- Blender  (x1)
- Fresh Strawberries (1 pack/box)
- Banana ( x1)
- A knife
- A glass
- A straw

What you need to do:

1. Make sure you have all the ingredients and utensils, and you have washed them all properly.

2. After you have done this, take the strawberries, and chop them up into halves or quarters, the smaller the pieces, the easier to blend, the faster it goes. And then pop them into the blender.

3. Then chop up the banana into small circles, and add 'em in to the blender.

4. Now comes the fun part, turn on your blender and blend it all together (DON'T FORGET TO PUT THE LID ON THE BLENDER BEFORE YOU TURN IT ON!!!!)

5. Pour it into a glass, add a straw, and that's it!

So there you go, I apologize for the short post today, I will bring back my A-game as soon as I'm not busy anymore. I know a lot of you are revising at this time, so I hope that this 5 step smoothie is a quick and easy thing for you to make.

Oh and also, Happy Mother's Day to all you beautiful mother's out there!!

Lots of love,
Mimi xxx